A quick pep talk. 10 reasons not to give up on your English study

Your labours grant you access to new cultures and perspectives.

You are constantly challenging yourself.

You have already learnt a language in your lifetime.

You are developing your mind.

Your efforts are appreciated.

This is something you will never regret.

You can make new friends and seize new opportunities.

You can confidently travel to many places.

You are having fun.

For more about the English Language, have a read of Bill Bryson’s Mother Tongue.






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5 books that will move you closer to exam success in IELTS Academic Writing

The IELTS writing test is probably the most challenge component of the exam for most speakers of English as a second language. Even if you have a strong everyday use of English, it can be challenging to translate this into success in the writing tasks. The resources below should be helpful to those wishing to reach the next level.

Ielts – The Complete Guide to Task 1 Writing – By Phil Biggerton

This resource is aimed at IELTS writing task 1 and is useful for those who wish to practise writing about figures. Practising English every day by talking to native speakers and listening to the radio is important, however, if your goal is to gain a strong score in IELTS writing, it is crucially important to get used to talking about graphs, charts, diagrams of processes etc.  I like the fact that this book offers value for money, as it is not expensive and delivers on quality.

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IELTS Academic Writing: How To Write 8+ Answers For The IELTS Exam! (With High-Scoring Sample Answers For Each Question Type) – by Daniella Moyla

Looking at sample answers is critical to those candidates hoping to achieve top marks in IELTS writing. No matter a learner’s level, it is crucial that there is is always an emphasis on excellence and Daniella Moyla has delivered this in her book.  Sound and simple advice that may make the difference in a short amount of time.

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Cambridge University Press Grammar in Use series – By Raymond Murphy

This series is excellent for sharpening of your grammar before IELTS exams. It is sometimes quite dry though so this resource may only suit certain learners. Pick the level that is right for you.

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Grammar Rules: Grammar for Grown-ups: Everything you need to know but never learnt in school – By Craig Shrives

This is quite a useful resource, as the book goes over many of the weaknesses that many mistakes that are made by native English speakers.

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Think Differently: Open your mind. Philosophy for modern life: 20 thought-provoking lessons (BUILD+BECOME) 

One of the main issues that English students have when attempting task 2 in the academic IELTS is that they are not used to constructing arguments. This Non-Fiction book is designed to broaden your mind so that you are able to think in a more critical manner.

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